Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wyatt, Target and Pretty Women

Wyatt got money from Nana and Grandpa for his birthday, and it's been burning a hole in his pocket for days now. When I said that to him he checked his pants and said "But my pants aren't on fire Mom.", so I had to explain to him what that meant! (Gotta love that autistic literal interpretation!)

I had taken him to the Target by our house to pick out what he wanted,and he chose a Lego City Camper set, which he put together all by himself. He sat down with the instruction book, figured out each step, and assembled the camper perfectly, which was really impressive for him. Usually he has a hard time staying focused on a task, so I was really proud of him. (I see LOTS more Lego sets in his future).

The other thing he wanted was a very specific fire truck (because I guess the 8 that he already has just aren't quite enough for him), so we went to the Target in Kernersville last night, before I dropped him off at my folks house.

Well, Saturday at the Kernersville Target is apparently Pretty Teenage Girl day, so my little boy was in hog heaven! He picked out his truck, and then he cruised the store like a newly divorced 40 year old man at a singles bar. He went from girl to girl, with his pick up lines at the ready:

"Hi, what's your name?"
(as he grabs her hand and starts walking with her)

"I like your name, mine's Wyatt, this is my new Firetruck, it's my birthday present"
(as he gazes up adoringly at her)

"You're really pretty, can I have a hug"
(as he also puckers up and kisses her cheek)

"Will you be my girlfriend? I'm going to join the Naked Brothers Band and move to NY and be a rock star"
(as he starts scouting out the next conquest)

"I have to go with my Mom now, thanks for being my girlfriend"
(as he moves on to the next pretty girl)

Oh, I'm having High School nightmares already, and he's barely even 9!!!!

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