Friday, September 11, 2009


This past friday was our Path Of The Moon Summer Ceilidh, which was put together by the lovely RavenHarte. She worked her BUTT off on this, pulled together some amazing talent, and it turned out to be our most successful fundraiser this year, and may very well be the most successful one we've ever had.

It was an amazing night!

I was a little anxious about bringing Wyatt with me. He gets overstimulated easily, and I really thought with all the people, and the music, that we'd end up having to make a hasty exit.

But I couldn't have been more wrong.

Wyatt LOVED it, he enjoyed all the musical acts (even though he kept his fingers firmly planted in his ears), but his very favorite thing of the night were the lovely ladies of Torque, the wonderful belly dancing troupe.

Wy definitely has a type, he loves women with long dark hair, and especially exotic looking women, so belly dancers are right up his alley. He got one look at these ladies, and was over to them like a SHOT, holding their hands, hugging them, inviting them back to Nana's house to dance for him, and telling all four of them that he wanted to marry them!

He especially loved Sashame, and parked himself right between she and Heather for most of the rest of the evening. I had bought him a clip on flower from Tiger RoxXx, and he asked Sashame if she liked his flower. She told him it was gorgeous and he asked her "Do you think I'M gorgeous?"

Of course she did, I mean have you seen my kid? Who could resist him?

Sashame and the ladies were so sweet with him, she even made it a point to go out and give him a kiss goodbye before we left. As we were driving over to my parents house, Wy let out a long sigh, looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes and said "Mommy, I'm in loooooooove".

I asked who he was in love with and he said "The belly dancers" I asked which one and he said "All of them but I love Sashame best".

When I got over to my parents house the next day, my father was hysterical. He said all Wyatt talked about all day was how he was going to marry the belly dancers, that they were so beautiful and that he was in love with them. My mother thought it was just adorable.

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